Simple Things is a project developed by me (Tânia) and a friend of mine. We felt the need to create a different and amusing business which allow us to have a better work-life balance. Since my friend and partner is no longer in Switzerland for professional reasons related to her husband, she left our project, which is currently run by me with much love.

I have two kids and love to see the smiling faces of children. First of all I came up with the idea of creating, making and selling tipis that would transform every children's room (or any corner space) into a dreamful, comfortable, fantastic and magical atmosphere.

Each Simple Things tipi is handmade by me with care and passion, and with high quality raw material.

The client may choose from different fabrics and colors available to make a tipi absolutely unique and one that matches children taste and personality. 

After the idea of the tipis I started to made others little things for kids like as hot cherry pillow and pacifier clips.

Hot cherry pillows are made from organic cherry seeds with the beautiful fabrics. They are very useful when kids and babies are not feeling well with flatulence, colic or stomach pains. Even for adults they are a must have!

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